This page serves as a shrine to my favourite pet species and colours! As a kid having a painted Neopet seemed like such an impossible goal, now I have fully painted pets, with access to the Lab Ray and even a few dips in the Faerie Fountain still waiting to be used, oops. How time flies. I don't think I'll ever be over the pet conversions, so this page mostly features the old artwork.

Alien Aisha

Darigan Aisha

Desert Aisha

Mutant Acara

Faerie Aisha

Darigan Cybunny

Cloud Cybunny

Faerie Cybunny

Halloween Cybunny

Wraith Draik

Faerie Hissi

Robot Hissi

Darigan Ixi

Faerie Ixi

Maraquan Ixi

Faerie Lenny

Mutant Lenny

Mutant Lupe

Spotted Lupe

Maraquan Lutari

Darigan Peophin

Faerie Peophin

Tyrannian Peophin

Faerie Pteri

Faerie Ruki

Faerie Techo

Faerie Uni

Halloween Uni

Usukigirl Usul

Darigan Xweetok

Faerie Xweetok

Faerie Zafara

Robot Zafara


By the way, I don't own any of the Neopets branding images or other graphics used on here!

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