Neopets has a lot of characters. From characters from games, plots, characters who run shops, give quests, the list is pretty much endless. On this page you'll find my favourites!


I do not even know how to begin to explain to you how obsessed I was with Hannah. She was the hero of a flash game called Hannah and the Pirate Caves and I don't know what it was, but I was just very, very fixated on her. She was just cool as hell and had a cute design and I loved her in a "I'm 10 years old and don't know I'm bisexual yet" sort of way. You might notice that's going to be a trend with most entries on this page. Anyway. I can't really explain it. Just look at her.

Sidenote: is this why I'm a furry now?


Sophie!! She's honestly not a character I remember much as a kid but I recently rediscovered her and was instantly in love. Her vibes! Her aesthetic! Her design is beautiful and her whole mean hermit witch thing speaks directly to my heart. Thank you, Neopets.

Delma Harrence

This has always been kind of an obscure one, but year after year I used to participate in the Altador Cup, naturally picking Faerieland as my team every time. This girl stole my HEART. So much so that I had a Faerie Zafara as my primary pet on my most recent main account. Her hair. Her attitude. She's everything to me.

Scout and Cylara

I'm featuring these two together because I don't know a whole lot about them and they're both Cybunnies so whatever, this saves space. Anyways, look at these two cute sci-fi bunny girls. Wonderful.


So it's pretty clear that cute furry girls are a major weakness of mine, but don't worry - my sapphic roots on extend further still! The one thing I was absolutely, deeply fixated on more than anything else was the faeries. As a kid one of my favourite interests in general was fairies, and I wanted deeply to believe that they were real. So as you can imagine my primary obsession on Neopets was with the Faerie characters. Mostly I just gazed repeatedly at their designs and thought up complicated storylines involving them, I guess the earlier form of fanfiction I took part in, even if it all remained mostly in my own head.

Anyway, let me keep doing exactly what I used to do back then and behold their flawless character designs. I truly owe this website everything.

Air Faerie

Dark Faerie

Earth Faerie

Fire Faerie

Light Faerie

Water Faerie

Fyora - Faerie Queen

Mira - Space Faerie

Aethia - Battle Faerie

Naia - Fountain Faerie

Soup Faerie

Tooth Faerie

Taelia - Snow Faerie

Healing Springs Faerie

Kari - Negg Faerie

Jhuidah - Island Faerie

Baelia - Grey Faerie

Library Faerie

Bree - Key Quest Faerie

Delina - Crafting Faerie




The Darkest Faerie


Malice, Spite and Vanity


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