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here are some links
to other places you can find me online, if that interests you in any way:
is my most used social media site, here i post a lot of random thoughts as well as retweeting humour and fanart. i also post my own art and links to any writing i've posted, though it's mostly just a place for shitposting and keeping up with my mutuals.

is a site i've been using for around 10 years now, so even though i don't make personal posts of my own on there anymore i still use it out of loyalty. i maintain two blogs, one for reblogs and one for my own art.

my art blog
is the best place to keep up with my art if you'd like to see it all in one place.
archive of our own
is where i upload my fanfiction, so far specifically star wars and metal gear solid fics. i mostly write oneshots, and i tend to focus on character interactions (romantic or not) or solo character studies. but be warned, i also write smut!
is where i post analysis of games, mostly relating to metal gear solid. i've been meaning to post more frequently but it's often hard to find the time, especially when i have about ten different essays ongoing on different subjects. i enjoy having a space for more serious discussion of the games i love, where i can pick apart themes or just give long, analytical reviews of what i've been playing.