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from my comfy spot on the web, this is a heavily work in progress site for me to talk about and gather all the stuff i love in one place - from games and music to fun graphics and shrines to my favourite things.

i've always loved html and css coding ever since i was a kid making pages on neopets and the mario wiki, so i was delighted when i found out about neocities and realised i could relive the better days of the internet over here. social media is fun, but it's nice to have a quiet place to myself. feel free to look around and please enjoy your stay!

on my mind

  • 10/4/23 - relationships are temporary, html is forever
  • 1/1/23 - goodbye 2022, and here's to another year of having fun with this site
  • 09/12/22 - rewatched mystery incorporated with my bf and i'm being so abnormal about it
  • 09/11/22 - why does the sonic frontiers ost go so fucking hard
  • 03/11/22 - andor is so incredibly good and you have to watch it or else
  • 14/09/22 - i beat splatoon 3's story mode in 2 days lol
  • 11/09/22 - new job is fun :)
  • 31/08/22 - on this day in 2012 ground zeroes was revealed, meaning skull face has been a blight upon this earth for 10 years now!
  • 24/08/22 - welp i got the job!
  • 20/08/22 - the interview actually went really well! so well now i'm anxious about actually getting the job lol
  • 15/08/22 - i have a job interview this weekend and i am STRESSED!
  • 14/08/22 - i finally got a powerful gaming pc recently, it has so many lights on it
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site updates

  • 09/11/22 - added pages on the music i enjoy
  • 07/11/22 - added art gallery, enjoy 8 years worth of drawings
  • 11/09/22 - added a page for previous songs linked to in the activity box
  • 22/08/22 - the skull face shrine is now live and mostly completed
  • 16/08/22 - reorganised sidebar and added a sitemap
  • 15/08/22 - updated the homepage + about page
  • 14/08/22 - tidied up some pages and added a guestbook!
  • 24/07/22 - started building layout for vocaloid shrine, and added custom scrollbars for firefox
  • 23/07/22 - updated neopets shrine, added view counter to homepage
  • 22/07/22 - added neopets shrine, partially completed
  • 20/07/22 - chao garden shrine mostly completed!
  • 19/07/22 - started working on chao garden shrine
  • 18/07/22 - added about, links and resources pages
  • 17/07/22 - added body text and images to homepage + updated header and footer
  • 16/07/22 - this update box exists now :)