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this page contains
i've found useful, including many used on the site. you can also check out graphics i've made myself here.
blinkies + buttons

blinkies.cafe - free blinkie maker
blinki.es - over 1000 blinkies
The 88x31 Gif Collection - almost 4000 animated buttons
Alfea - blinkie making tutorial and base psd
88x31 Button Maker - free button maker
koinuko's buttons - more buttons
A.N. Lucas's 88x31 Button Collection - even more buttons
88by31 - more buttons!

Cursors 4U - lots of cursors, including cursor sets
Pixel Soup - tag for cursor-specific reblogs
favicons + small pixels

Pixel Soup - favicon masterpost

Hero Patterns - customisable SVG backgrounds with lots of different patterns
BGJar - more SVG backgrounds
html/neocities related

W3 Schools - the best place to learn html + css, with reference for everything you could need
Google Fonts - free fonts you can use on your site
DaFont - more free fonts
Text Symbols - tumblr masterpost of text symbols
Sadgrl's Layout Builder - an easy way to generate a basic layout
Dannarchy's Hit Counter - a guide to getting a native hit counter working on neocities
CSS Gradient - a CSS gradient generator
fffuel - a ton of useful generators and tools for web design, including SVG backgrounds and effects + colour palettes
CSSmatic - tools for creating gradients, borders, noise textures and box shadows

GifCities - a search engine for geocities gifs
The Spriters Resource - a great source for sprites to use in layouts, be sure to give credit to rippers if required though
The Textures Resource - the same as the above, only for video game textures
Zophar's Domain - a good source for video game music you can use in html audio players
Re:Hoeass' Animal Crossing sprites - beautifully made animal crossing character sprites
Dr. Sloth's Neopets Image Emporium - a database of all images used on neopets, very useful for my shrine!