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this page is for sharing my thoughts on some albums by my favourite artists


by far my favourite band ever. i got into them after seeing the video for crave on tv lol. i've never really been into a band from such an early stage of their careers (back before they had even released their first full album) so it's been fun to watch them grow! i saw them open for all time low in 2017 (the first concert i ever went to, i honestly enjoyed them more than ATL lmao) and was at their first UK headline tour later that year :'). since then i've seen them four times in total!

double dare (2016)

favourite songs: gloom boys, take her to the moon
thoughts: a classic! this album gives me good memories of listening to it on the bus to uni, back when this was the only waterparks album in the world. obviously it's a lot more tame compared to their later stuff but it's very nostalgic because of that. it's fun to look back and think of how much they've diversified.

entertainment (2018)

favourite songs: peach (lobotomy), lucky people, not warriors
thoughts: this was amazing to listen to for the first time. so many fun songs containing so much pain upon reflection. i'm still sad i've never been able to hear peach (lobotomy) live outside of the part of it played in entertainment 2019 because that song had an instant grip on me from the first play, and it has never really let go. entertainment has a really unique sound imo, and i'm sad it feels a bit forgotten these days.

fandom (2019)

favourite songs: telephone, i felt younger when we met, i miss having sex but at least i don't wanna die anymore
thoughts: a work of art!!!! fandom is sooo fun and angry, it puts a bit of a cap on the relationship dealt with in the previous two albums while combining the feelings from that with the feelings of coping with fame in a really interesting way. i still remember the day turbulent dropped and we were all like WHAT THE FUCK at how hard it goes. it's funny how tame some of this album seems now compared to greatest hits though.

greatest hits (2021)

favourite songs: violet!, fruit roll ups, fuzzy
thoughts: i hated this album at first!! which is a horrible confession because now i love it so much it's impossible to only pick a few favourite songs from it. the concept album nature of it, the slow descent from mania into the darkest part of awsten's psyche - and the sudden lingering reminder of the relationship we spent three albums hearing about in crying over it all that was absent from all of this one right before the chaos of the finale!! it makes me insane.

marina (and the diamonds)

can you tell i was a tumblr user in the early 2010s. my first exposure to marina was when the video for oh no! showed up in my youtube recommendations and i could not stop watching it. i've recently spread the same curse to my boyfriend.

the family jewels (2010)

favourite songs: oh no!, are you satisfied?, hermit the frog
thoughts: just outstanding in every way. so much character and variety, so much marina just being her raw, weird self! so many topics dealt with, especially her own struggles with what exactly she wants from her life and her career, and her attempts to figure out how she feels about her own success. it's especially interesting to look at it in relation to the persona she came to adopt for electra heart.

electra heart (2012)

favourite songs: sex yeah, power & control, living dead, valley of the dolls
thoughts: when i listen to this album i can practically smell the eyeliner i used to put on while listening to it. truly the perfect soundtrack to any messy teenagedom, and yet still so insightful and powerful listening as an adult. i know some criticise it for being overproduced but i think that's essential to the character of it, the person electra heart is supposed to be. such a brilliant concept album; the build through all the different archetypes all falling apart by teen idle, and the various forms of self-reflection across the final three songs, truly wonderful.

froot (2015)

favourite songs: blue, froot
thoughts: my absolute favourite marina album!!!! it came out at a time where i really, really needed it and spent many hours sobbing my heart out to blue lmao. it remains my favourite song of hers for that reason. the vibes on this album are immaculate, and it's sad to look back realising this was the last truly amazing marina album (at least for now). such a different direction from what she had done previously but it still felt so genuinely, wonderfully her.

love + fear (2019)

favourite songs: handmade heaven, end of the earth
thoughts: well it's definitely an album. i wouldn't really include this as a favourite album by since i'm doing her whole discography i may as well discuss it. it has some good songs! but nothing really stands out amongst the rest of her catalogue, especially when a lot of them start to blend together due to bland, samey production and uninteresting lyrics.

ancient dreams in a modern land (2021)

favourite songs: venus fly trap, flowers, man's world
thoughts: about the closest thing to a return to form as we'll ever get, honestly. i like the vast majority of this album but it feels so god damn short, especially as the second half just grinds to a halt with a string of ballad after ballad. her releasing basically the only high energy songs as singles well in advance helped to make it feel a little disappointing. i still enjoy it for what it is, though.


a band with too big of a discography for me to put it all here, so here are just my faves! spotify worked its magic to get me to discover this band a few years and they quickly became one of my favourites.

live it out (2005)

favourite songs: monster hospital, poster of a girl, live it out
thoughts: such a raw sound!! i love how aggressive this album is. monster hospital was my introduction to metric and holds such a special place in my heart.

fantasies (2009)

favourite songs: gimme sympathy, help i'm alive, satellite mind
thoughts: more aggressive vibes but this one has so many songs that feel totally mesmerising. great for late night listening.

synthetica (2012)

favourite songs: breathing underwater, nothing but time, clone
thoughts: this one has a really dreamy vibe to it, even down to the album art.

art of doubt (2018)

favourite songs: no lights on the horizon, love you back
thoughts: i have vague memories of when this one came out, it's a really beautiful album to listen to all the way through. such a lovely ending.

formentera (2022)

favourite songs: false dichotomy, enemies of the ocean, all comes crashing
thoughts: i wish this one was a little longer but i guess doomscroller kind of makes up for the length lol. i normally get bored with really long songs but there's a really powerful moment in doomscroller that really gets me emotionally. also every song on here is excellent, no complaints 10/10.


as a scottish band chvrches are very close to my heart. i've been into them since not long after every open eye released but kind of forgot about them for a while until i saw hideo kojima tweeting about them all the time around the time of screen violence. i think i listened to their death stranding song first and then fell immediately in love with the new album right around halloween.

every open eye (2015)

favourite songs: empty threat, clearest blue, bury it
thoughts: such a classic. so synthy and fun, clearest blue is a serious musical achievement. i hope i can see them live some day just to hear that drop live.

screen violence (2021)

favourite songs: killer, bitter end, how not to drown, better if you don't
thoughts: one of the best albums on this entire page, a masterpiece from start to finish, made even better by the three flawless bonus tracks on the director's cut!!! i have not one single complaint about this album, the horror vibe is such a perfect way of framing the emotions discussed and makes the whole thing feel so powerful and cinematic. and bonus points for the robert smith feature, of course.


a hungarian band i only got into quite recently, though i've been aware of them since their appearance at eurovision in 2018. they're partly responsible for my growing love of the language, especially thanks to örs' wonderful voice. nyugodj békében.

kint a vizből (2016)

favourite songs: te is félsz, hajnali járat, mindenki idegen, mindent a semmiért
thoughts: oh how i love this album. the vocals, the range of emotions, the often really heartbreaking lyrics. hungarian has never been more beautiful to listen to.

depeche mode

the band that has been slowly taking over my life more and more each year. obviously i'd heard them a lot on the radio for all my life but it was only after i got really invested in mgsv and the 80s setting that i started really exploring their catalogue, which is so big i could never cover it all here even if i tried lol.

some great reward (1984)

favourite songs: blasphemous rumours, people are people, master and servant
thoughts: ohhh the classics. making the most beautiful music with just a bunch of metal clanging together. blasphemous rumours never gets easier to listen to lyrically.

black celebration (1986)

favourite songs: stripped, a question of lust
thoughts: still on the synthy metal clanging stuff but starting to get even more GOTH

music for the masses (1987)

favourite songs: never let me down again, strangelove, the things you said
thoughts: getting darker...

violator (1990)

favourite songs: enjoy the silence, personal jesus, policy of truth
thoughts: i mean what can i even say. it's violator. so hypnotically moody, so lyrically dark and unconventional. enjoy the silence is on it. come on.

songs of faith and devotion (1993)

favourite songs: walking in my shoes, in your room (zephyr mix)
thoughts: oh you didn't think we got dark and fucked up enough yet???

bad suns

sometimes the spotify algorithm will just randomly recommend me what ends up being one of my favourite bands of all time. i saw them open for waterparks this year (2022) and it was the best concert experience of my life (them playing life was easier when i only cared about me certainly helped). shoutout to the other bad suns stan who i happened to be standing right next to that got so excited when they played baby blue shades, i love you and hope you are well.

language & perspective (2014)

favourite songs: we move like the ocean, dancing on quicksand, cardiac arrest, transpose
thoughts: i was going to say this is a flawless album without a single skip but that's actually every bad suns album. this one and disappear here were the soundtrack to like a year's worth of writing sessions putting together the longest fic i've ever written for some reason. just great vibes, and such a distinct sound.

disappear here (2016)

favourite songs: daft pretty boys, heartbreaker, swimming in the moonlight, violet
thoughts: for an album with some really depressing songs lyrically, this one is so fun!! another absolutely perfect album, probably my favourite, though it only beats language & perspective by a tiny margin (that margin is daft pretty boys).

mystic truth (2019)

favourite songs: hold your fire, away we go, separate seas
thoughts: definitely their weakest album though i'm not really sure why. it's all still great stuff but the songs do tend to blend together a lot in my memory.

apocalypse whenever (2022)

favourite songs: life was easier when i only cared about me, heaven is a place in my head, summer lightning
thoughts: the summer vibes!!! so cute and joyous. still doesn't beat their first two albums but it did give me my favourite bad suns song ever so thanks to this one.

two door cinema club

i got into this band from a recommendation on tumblr many, many years ago.

tourist history (2010)

favourite songs: what you know, something good can work, come back home
thoughts: not much to say other than it's really good and so very fun. banger after banger that brings me back to a simpler time.

beacon (2012)

favourite songs: sun, handshake, spring
thoughts: i know it's a controversial take but i think i actually like this one more than tourist history. the chill vibes on this one are just so nostalgic for me.

gameshow (2016)

favourite songs: ordinary, good morning, je viens de la
thoughts: this is TDCC's froot. in the sense that it's absurdly funky and also their best album. i also love this one because it marks the shift in their style, and gameshow's influence continues to echo through their next two albums!

false alarm (2019)

favourite songs: satisfaction guaranteed, so many people, nice to see you
thoughts: i always forget this album exists. it has some really good songs but always gets overshadowed by gameshow in my memory, with a lot of these songs feeling more like outtakes from that album than a true successor. still some great bangers though.

keep on smiling (2022)

favourite songs: millionaire, disappearer, won't do nothing
thoughts: i wasn't really feeling this one much on a first listen but by the end of the day i had half of the songs on repeat for hours. so weird and fun.

all time low

my favourite band ever before i feel further into the waterparks rabbit hole lol. i don't listen to them as often anymore even though i probably should. something of a musical constant through a difficult part of my life. also my hot take is that i cannot stand anything prior to nothing personal, sorry. i've seen them live twice (and spent so much money seeing all the livestreamed shows they did during lockdown. i'm still not over the fact they actually played paint you wings.)

nothing personal (2009)

favourite songs: weightless, break your little heart, damned if i do ya (damned if i don't)
thoughts: pure nostalgic joy, although it kind of pales in comparison to don't panic. i don't keep up with music fandoms enough to know if that's a hot take or what.

dirty work (2011)

favourite songs: that girl, do you want me (dead?), under a paper moon, merry christmas, kiss my ass
thoughts: not quite as bad as people say it is though plenty of these are skips for me lol. also i am this galaxy's biggest that girl fan, hashtag that girl did nothing wrong 2k22. also dirty work gave us the best christmas song ever written. end the slander.

don't panic (2012)

favourite songs: paint you wings, the reckless and the brave, outlines
thoughts: iconic!! beautiful!!! brings me back to 2015 when i first got into them!! the soundtrack to the creation of my first ocs along with future hearts. this album just makes me so happy, especially listening to it after a while away from it. it just reminds me of all the great times seeing the perform these songs live and fills my heart with joy.

future hearts (2015)

favourite songs: something's gotta give, missing you, kids in the dark, don't you go, bottle and a beat
thoughts: THE ATL ALBUM EVER. obviously i'm incredibly biased as someone who got into them right after this album came out and with its songs being my introduction to the band but HOLY SHIT, IT'S SO GOOD. not one single skip, just perfect song after perfect song riddled with insane nostalgia and memories to me. the sheer comfort this album gave me in a really horrible fucking time, the way i clung to the words of missing you as the only real thing keeping me going - i owe this album so much. an incredible listen from start to finish.

last young renegade (2017)

favourite songs: nice2knou, life of the party, dirty laundry
thoughts: an album that gets seen as pretty mediocre these days because there's a lot of what feels like filler, but my god when it's good it's REALLY good. i remember hearing dirty laundry premiere on the radio and it blew me away. unfortunately nothing comes anywhere close to the quality of the three faves i listed above, which means this is probably one of their weakest albums overall for me. i appreciate the vibes and the overall concept they were going for, i just wish the quality was consistent.

wake up, sunshine (2020)

favourite songs: january gloom (seasons, pt. 1), clumsy, trouble is, safe
thoughts: one hell of a return to form. it feels so fresh and comforting especially after the long wait since the last and the anticipation of what direction they would take next. this album hit pretty much right as the pandemic started, so it was like a friend to me at that time, a reassurance that everything was going to be okay. it was also the soundtrack to the start of my current relationship. me and my boyfriend met online in january when i was feeling low and directionless, so january gloom hits extra hard for me. thanks for saving me ❤

lily allen

the first few songs i ever heard from her were fuck you and hard out here which really set the tone for me to absolutely love her lol

it's not me, it's you (2009)

favourite songs: the fear, everyone's at it, who'd have known, back to the start
thoughts: mmm love me an album with a good mix of social commentary and relationship drama

sheezus (2014)

favourite songs: silver spoon, hard out here, miserable without your love, holding on to nothing
thoughts: i'm kind of whatever about the standard edition of this one but the bonus tracks on the special edition are SO GOOD. i adore holding on to nothing for being such a blatant keane homage.

no shame (2018)

favourite songs: pushing up daisies, cake, everything to feel something
thoughts: so incredibly raw and honest, this one is a really beautiful yet sometimes hard listen. i love the two final tracks so much.

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