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this part of the site is dedicated to sharing my

i've posted art on a lot of different places in the past and have never found any of them really ideal - i get the most response to my art on twitter but it disappears into the void so quickly; on tumblr it's impossible to get anything seen relying only on people to search through tags; and deviantart felt so exposing and yet also so dead and isolating.

hosting here where nobody can see it all is probably even worse, but i appreciate the privacy and the lack of pressure to get a response honestly. this is more for my sake than anything else, but feel free to take a look at all the things i've created over the years.

2022 art

mostly metal gear/skull face/zeroskull

2021 art

a lot of conker oc/canon stuff, the initial descent into skull face hell

2020 art

mostly mario art

2019 art

some mario, some conker, and a bunch of other stuff too

2018 art

furry girls, spaghetti westerns and star wars

2017 art

weasels, robots and obigrievous

2016 art

cartoons, ocs, and some others

2015 art

robots, ocs and fnaf