Wii Pointer #1 Tilt Normal
kirsten, or casualty works too
early twenties
capricorn ♑︎
favourite colour:
pink (can you tell?)︎
favourite animal:
games, writing, drawing, cross-stitch, html/css, language learning
favourite music:
synth-pop, new wave, pop punk, dance-pop, post-hardcore, alt rock, j-pop, just everything really lol
other interests:
villains, sociolinguistics, furry girls, virtual pets, speedruns, figures, plushies, stickers

this site
is just a little space for me to have fun online messing around with html and css and probably just rambling to myself about the things i love!

i grew up in the days of windows 98 and XP, playing 3D space cadet pinball, shareware and linux games, and most of my web browsing was spent on neopets or on tamagotchi fansites. i have a lot of nostalgia for the earlier days of the internet, even though i was never around to have my own geocities site back then. the state of the modern internet is depressing honestly, and only gets worse every day. so this is my little escape to relive those better days and indulge in my favourite things from both the present day and the decades past.

i'm a loner by nature, so i like having a place like this to just hide, be myself and talk about the things that matter to me without shame. i try my best to live without fear of being "cringe" or whatever, but on modern social media it's often hard to do so without feeling the pressure of a billion random onlookers being shown what i say through an algorithm. and no matter how much i decorate my twitter layout or gush about my favourite things, that space will never truly be mine. but this site is mine alone - designed by me, coded by me, dedicated solely and 100% to me and what goes on in my brain. so enjoy your stay in my weird little self-indulgent internet home, feel free to look around as much as you want and get lost for a little while.

by the way, my site name and my username on most sites - casualty dept. - comes from a level name from conker's bad fur day.
a non-exhaustive list of things i love:

video games

metal gear solid mario rareware zelda metroid yooka-laylee pokémon animal crossing splatoon sonic psychonauts professor layton kingdom hearts undertale petz


star wars spaghetti westerns eurovision warner bros. animation hetalia


waterparks depeche mode chvrches metric marina bad suns new order vocaloid lots of european bands video game music

favourite characters | favourite ships

fun stuff